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Endpoint — Where?

When you want to send a notification you need to make a POST Http request to this url:

Warning, be careful to not send any Authorization Token, if so HookNotifier server will return you a 403 Forbidden error.

Endpoint — Parameters

Business — Object


13:37 — Category



Obviously, you need to send some parameters to the above url, each one will be added as a GET parameter next to the url — expect datas. eg: business=hooknotifier

> business : String (required)
This is the prefix of your notification, it'll replace Business value in the notification example above.
> object : String (required)
The title of your notification, it'll replace Object value in the notification example above.
> body : Text (required)
The message of your notification, it can be a long text, it'll replace Body value in the notification example above.
> category : Text (optional) Default: general
Classification of your notification, this will allow you to sort or disable the notification if needed.
> color : Hex number (optional) Default: #FFC107
The color of your notification icon.


One another thing can be added in the body of your query:

> data : JSON Object (optional)
This data object is displayed when you open the notification inside HookNotifier. It can contain any data you need to save.

Endpoint — Online tester / composer

Here is the final endpoint of this request:

You'll receive this notification:

Fill business — Fill object

Fill body

13:37 — General



Wordpress — Plugin for Wordpress / Woocommerce

This is the first way to use HookNotifier without writing any line of code. You've to download the extension from the official wordpress plugin repository. This plugin is entirely free. Click here:

Download Wordpress official plugin

How to use it

1- Install plugin from extension repository

- Click on extension menu

wordpress menu

- Search for HookNotifier

wordpress search extension

- Install & activate the extension

wordpress install activate extension
2- Configure the plugin with your identifiers

- Click on the new menu HookNotifier

wordpress custom post hooknotifier

- Fill your identifiers

wordpress identifier
wordpress key

- Choose your business name

wordpress business name
3- Activate one or more hooks and that's it!

- Choose one or more notification and activate them

wordpress activate hook

- You can choose to leave default labels or to change them

wordpress notification

- That's it :)

Note that Woocommerce hooks will appear only if the woocommerce extension is active.

If you need more notifications for Wordpress, Woocommerce or another extensions, feel free to contact me!

Wordpress — Custom integration

  $id = 1234567890123456789; // Your identifier
  $key = 'my-key'; // Your key

  $business = 'HookNotifier'; // The prefix of the notification
  $object = 'New user'; // The object of the notification
  $body = 'User just register in your application'; // The body of the notification
  $category = 'Register'; // The category of the notification

  $color = '#0097a7'; // The color of the notification

  $url = "$id/$key?business=$business&object=$object&body=$body&category=$category&color=$color";

  // $data is my user object in this case
  $args = [
      'body' => ['data' => $data]

  wp_remote_post( $url, $args );

This is the in-app result

HookNotifier — New user

User just register in your application.

13:37 — Register


Zapier & IFTTT


If you're using Zapier, you just have to add HookNotifier to one or more zaps.


How to use it

1- Edit or Create a Zap
zapier new zap
2- Add HookNotifier App to it
zapier add hooknotifier
3- Choose an account

This is a restriction from Zapier, just tell a name and tap continue

zapier add hooknotifier
4- Fill all fields to customize your notification
zapier config
5- Test your notification and activate your zap
zapier test


Hey! I really want to make an IFTTT integration.
However, it's really expensive for developers. At the moment, I can't, but be sure that this is the first thing I'll do when HookNotifier brings in enough money :)

If you want to support HookNotifier and be involved in it, you can offer me a coffee!

Buy Me A Coffee

Node & Javascript environments

Node & Javascript — Axios

    method: 'post',
    url: '',
    params: {
      business: '',
      object: 'New gaming table',
      body: 'User create a new table called D&D5',
      color: '#F900A7',

This is the in-app result — New gaming table

User create a new table called D&D5

13:37 — General


PHP environments


  $ch = curl_init(" order&body=You have a new order! 150€ for 3 items.");

  $data = array(
      'order_id' => '1',
      'user_email' => '',
      // anything you want...

  $payload = json_encode(array("data" => $data));

  curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $payload);
  curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1);
  curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array('Content-Type:application/json'));


This is the in-app result

Sandorina — New order

You have a new order! 150€ for 3 items.

13:37 — General